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uGetWin is a French start-up that provides innovative digital twin and real-time crowd control solutions to help businesses improve efficiency and security. Find out how we can help you reach new heights!

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Indoor guidance

Our indoor guidance uses beacon technology for efficient real-time navigation. The fastest way is determined by avoiding incidents or obstacles to improve your journeys.

Crowd management

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your customers and staff requires effective crowd management. We offer a range of solutions for managing the flow of people in your establishment.

Optimised IoT deployment

uGetWin can deploy your IoT beacons to improve the customer experience by effectively covering the premises. The devices are strategically placed to reduce their number.

Proximity network

Our local network allows users to communicate with each other and access servers without the need for an Internet connection. Our relay election system ensures a fast, reliable connection.


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Hypervisor for buildings and events

Our hypervisor incorporates a range of tools that allow you to set up your digital twin as you wish and consult it in real time at any time.

Real-time navigation

Real-time navigation with path extraction that takes into consideration obstacles, incidents and crowd density. This ensures you always take the most efficient and safest route to your your destination.

IoT object integration

IoT integration function for easy connection and interaction with various devices (cameras, beacons, etc.). Thanks to them, our service offers live data updates for navigation.

Optimised guidance

Thanks to our servers, the application can guide you through unfamiliar environments and buildings. The app's directions are accurate and updated in real time to help you find the best possible possible route.



Demonstration available soon

Demonstration available soon

Optimal positioning of your connected objects

We position your connected objects in the most strategic locations
possible to ensure complete coverage of an area at minimum cost.

IoT deployment

The placement of your IoT devices is optimised by simulating their communication and taking account of obstacles thanks to your digital twin. We minimise the number of devices needed by using predefined zones of interest.

Cameras activation

The use of cameras improves visual coverage by taking into consideration obstacles thanks to the digital twin and by meeting specific requirements, such as the definition of areas of interest or overlapping visual coverage.


By emulating inter-device communication methods using your digital twin, UGetWin provides a resilient mesh network for your IoT devices, meeting the connectivity requirements for every connected object layout.


A mobile application that lets you
interact with your customers

Winning local services

Stay in touch with friends and family on the move
thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Explore unfamiliar buildings by relying on uGetWin's
strategically placed markers, which have been developed
to guide the user precisely.

Stay up to date offline with users acting as relays, allowing
you to exchange data.


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