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Digital Twin & Real Time Crowd Control Solutions

uGetWin is a French startup that provides Digital Twin and Real Time Crowd Control solutions. Our cutting-edge technology helps businesses enhance efficiency and safety through real-time monitoring.

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Our main services

Explore all of our services and discover the benefits of digital twins for your organization.

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Indoor Guidance

At uGetWin, we offer indoor guidance using beacon technology to provide real-time, efficient navigation in any building for which digital is available. Our system determines the quickest path from one point to another and can adapt to incidents or obstacles.

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Crowd Management

We understand the importance of effective crowd management in ensuring the safety and well-being of your customers and staff. That's why we offer a range of solutions to help you manage the flow of people in your facility.

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Optimal IoT Deployment

uGetWin provides IoT devices deployment for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience through location-based technologies. Our solution allows us to determine the most optimized placement for IoT devices, reducing the number required for effective coverage.

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Proximity Network

uGetWin's proximity network feature allows users to communicate and access servers via Bluetooth, even without internet access. Our system uses chosen dominant nodes to ensure reliable connectivity and optimal performance.


Discover the power of your Digital Twin

We offer a wide range of solutions to help you streamline operations and improve efficiency.

dashboard of ugetwin's digital twin hypervisor

An hypervisor

Our Digital Twin hypervisor for buildings and events
Real-time navigation path extraction

Our service provides real-time navigation with path extraction that takes into account obstacles, incidents, and crowd density. This ensures that you always have the most efficient and safe route to your destination.

IoT objects integration

Our IoT objects integration feature allows for seamless connection and interaction with various devices such as cameras, beacons, and other IoT objects. By integrating these devices, our service can provide real-time data updates for navigation.

Indoor & Outdoor guidance

Our servers provide the indoor guidance for our app, allowing you to easily navigate unfamiliar spaces. uGetwin's guidance provides you with the most accurate and up-to-date itinerary possible.

Optimal layout

Using your Digital Twin or your evacuation standardised plan, uGetWin provides you with the optimal layout of you connected objects.
IoT deployment

uGetWin precisely simulates the communication methods of your IoT devices, accounting for the impact of walls and obstacles to ensure the most accurate device layout using your Digital Twin. In addition, it can consider predefined zones of interest to minimize the number of necessary devices while still meeting your needs.

Cameras deployment

The solution offered by uGetWin optimizes visual coverage through the use of connected or non-connected cameras, taking into account opaque and transparent surfaces in your digital twin. This can be further configured to meet specific requirements, such as defining zones of interest or overlapping visual coverage.


uGetWin guarantees a robust mesh network for your IoT devices by emulating inter-device communication methods using your Digital Twin. Ensuring connectivity requirements in every layout of connected objects provided.

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preview of ugetwin's app

A mobile app

Our bluetooth mobile app that helps you interact with your clients
Bluetooth Chat

Our app offers Bluetooth chat, allowing users to stay connected with friends and family on the go. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), our app ensures fast and efficient communication even without internet access.

Indoor & Outdoor guidance

Our app provides both indoor and outdoor guidance to help you navigate unfamiliar places. For indoor guidance, our app interacts with deployed beacons to accurately guide users to their desired location.

Receiving and sending notifications to a server

Our app allows users to send and receive information from a server, making it easy to stay connected and up-to-date. Even if a user don't have an internet access, don't worry! Other users act as relayers, allowing him to communicate with the server.


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